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Hello, ‘Fetti Fans!

This is probably one of the most fun posts that I have gotten to write since the start of Reverse Confetti!

I’m so glad that I get to shout all these fun things (6 of them!) from the rooftops…I wasn’t going to be able to keep these secrets much longer!  Yes, there are some details and that are still forthcoming, but I had to fill you in on what I know NOW!  Alright, here it goes, in no particular order because I couldn’t decide what to put first…


We have signed a lease for warehouse space and we will also have a dedicated classroom at our new location!  The building is still under construction and we don’t move in until August, but this is HUGE for us!  In fact, the space itself is so BIG that we’re going to have to fill it with even more Reverse Confetti productS.  Yep, that’s a capital “S” you see!  There will be more on that on the weeks and months to come, but let me just say that GREAT THINGS are coming!

Once we get settled in we will have more information about the classroom space… and local order pick-ups, too!

It’s a bit of a construction zone, but I did want to share some of the pics that I have of the new space.  I hope to share more as the space comes along!





Since the physical hub of Reverse Confetti isn’t accessible to all of the ‘Fetti Fans worldwide, we have a created a virtual hub for all of the ‘Fetti Fans to share their projects, ideas and connect with each other.  Head on over to our ‘Fetti Fans Facebook group today (invite your friends, too)!

>><< The graphic below links to to group >><<



We *just* signed up to exhibit at the Dallas Pinners Conference & Expo.  This will be our first tradeshow (I know, I can’t believe it either) and we are EXCITED!   The Pinners Conference is September 9-10 here in the DFW area…the Arlington Convention Center to be exact.  If you are able to come to the conference, be sure to stop by and give me a hug, do a fun make ‘n take and shop!



(we actually announced this yesterday on our Facebook page)

Speaking of make ‘n takes, we will be doing one at the Great American Scrapbook Convention this weekend (also at the Arlington Convention Center) in The Little Blue House booth (our local store that we love & adore) .  Susan Liles will be doing one on Thursday from 9-12 and I will be doing (a different) one on Saturday, also from 9-12.  We hope to see you there!



There is NO RELEASE in July!  Don’t worry, we aren’t exactly taking the month of July “off,” but we will not be releasing new product in July.  As you may have gathered, we are working on LOTS of behind the scenes stuff.  I’ll be happy to get a little more time with the kiddos as well, and making summertime memories they’ll never forget.

Note, August will be a bit of a double release as we had to shift what we had planned for July into August, too.  I have a feeling that you are just going to LOVE it ALL! As always, the Countdown to Confetti will start on the 5th.


Last, but certainly not least, I would like to introduce you to our newest Confetti Crew design team member…


A little about Jeanne in her own words:

Hi!  I’m Jeanne Jachna.  I’m a married, stay at home mom of two young adults, and one very active Akita puppy. I live in Northwest Indiana near Chicago.   I like to read, garden, and cook, but I have been completely captivated by paper crafting.  I can’t resist a new set of stamps, bling, big bows and colorful paper.  I love to layer on lots of die cuts and mix different patterned papers together.   My time crafting is a sweet escape and a fun way to express myself.  I started my blog, A Kept Life, in 2011.  It’s been so fun to express myself through crafting, and I’m blessed with the many friends I’ve made who share my paper crafting obsession.    I’m so excited to share my creations with you!

. . . . .




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  1. Congratulations on your new space. How exciting. I wished I lived near there to be able to visit the classroom and come pick up my orders.

  2. Congrats Jen! I love that you’re expanding, I love seeing small businesses flourish! So happy for you and can’t wait to see the other productS you will be adding. Good luck with the construction phase, looking forward to seeing your finished space!

  3. All good news for a great company! Wish I lived closer to enjoy these events and crafting areas….Welcome to Jeanne!

  4. wow lots of big news so totally excited for you.. YAY for growing and making things happen.. Big Congrats.

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations on all your happy news! So pleased to see you are growing! Enjoy
    making memories!

  7. Yahoooooooooooo!!!! Super awesome news!
    Yay for Jeanne!

  8. Yay!!! So excited for you and Reverse Confetii!! Congrats, friend!

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  12. Yay times 6!! I’m so happy and excited for you!!!

  13. Such amazing and exciting news for you, Jen! I am so happy to see Jeanne designing for you! She is a fantastic designer and person! Yay, Jeanne!!!

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  15. Congrats on ALL of the big hoopla! I’m crazy excited for ya!!! And congrats, Jeanne, on your fun fetti spot!

  16. wow, Jen. That is so awesome. You are good at keeping secrets. Congrats!!!!

  17. So much exciting news in one little old post, WOW!!! I’m so very happy for you, Jen, and very excited to have Jeanne Jachna as a part of the Confetti Crew!

  18. So so so excited for you and Reverse Confetti! Congratulations to Jeanne, I’m so excited to be designing alongside her!

  19. Oh my gosh Jen!!!!! This is so exciting! I’m thrilled for you! I feel blessed to have been on the journey when you first started. Even more reason for me to visit DFW….maybe this fall!!! Big hugs to you!

  20. Lots of exciting thing happening for RC….big congrats Jen!! Wish I lived closer to be able to visit the classroom/warehouse!

  21. Congrats! Very exciting your business is going into more sdventures! Yay for jeanne too

  22. Exciting info! Invited my crafty friends to join the FB group!

  23. Congratulations RC! So many exciting announcements today! Although I am a long way away I do u crest and that your new warehouse is a big deal!! So many things on tap this summer but do enjoy every moment! Jeanne is a fabulous new addition to the team, love that girl!

  24. What amazing news! Congrats on your new building venture (can’t wait to follow along with your progress)! God is blessing your business and as a huge fan, I’ll be eagerly awaiting that double release in August. Congrats to Jeanne…a talented stamper I’ve been following for some time!

  25. Congrats! Awesome news. Can’t wait to take some classes.

  26. Congratulations!!!!!

  27. WOW!! Congratulations to both Jeanne and you!

  28. Congratulations on all of your big changes, and congratulations to Jeanne too! If you’re ever looking for anyone else, give me a call!
    Take Care, and best of luck for a bright future!

  29. congratulations. this is awesome!! and congrats to Jeanne. Awesome also!

  30. Super exciting for you! I can hardly wait until I visit again! Big hugs!

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    Yay, Jeanne!! 🙂

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  33. Lots of exciting news! I wish I was in your neighborhood! The classroom sounds fabulous! I liked the ‘Fetti Fans FB page and I’ll be watching for your posts! Welcome and congrats to Jeanne too!

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    Lots of wonderful things
    Carla from Utah

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  39. Congratulations! I love to support small business owners!

  40. Congratulations!!!! Jen, I am beyond excited for you and all the great news for Reverse Confetti!! I’ll be there when you open!! Enjoy the summer with your kids!

  41. Congratulations on the new space, and new designer! Can’t wait to see what’s new in August! #loveRC

  42. Big congratulations to you and your team Jen! You are so deserving of this and I am thrilled for you! I wish I lived nearby and could come visit! You have a great company and great products!

  43. seriously exciting news! Congrats!!!

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  57. I can’t wait, been dying to find out where the location is to see how close!! Fingers crossed its just down the street because we don’t have anything like that for miles and two of the ones that were close are closing!! Will definitely be taking classes

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