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Release Day Celebration

Howdy, ‘Fetti Fans and welcome to our Release Day Hop!

As I have been saying during the COUNTDOWN TO CONFETTI, this is a BIG hop with LOTS of fabulous friends joining the Confetti Crew and myself as we kick of the new year in a fabulous way…with a new release!  There’s a full link list at the bottom of this post with all of today’s hoppers.

. . . . .

Before I get to the “meat” of this post, I want to take a moment to say a few things.

As you know, I am so happy that 2017 is in the rear view mirror now.  It was undoubtedly the hardest year of my life.  Last January 18th was my first chemotherapy infusion to battle breast cancer, which was followed by 14 more (5 really yucky ones), plus 2 back to back surgeries and 36 rounds of radiation.  One week after my last radiation treatment, my dad passed away after a short battle with lung cancer.  I am grateful that I got to be there with him, holding his hand, as he took his last breath and passed on to Heaven.  Through all of that I kept my motto of “beastmode” close to my heart and in my actions.  I recently explained to someone that beastmode isn’t about just powering through something, but feeling everything that goes with it and when it gets you down, learning to get back up and take a step forward.  There were plenty of days that I was down and I couldn’t have kept going without the wonderful and amazing support of my family, friends and Reverse Confetti team.  Believe me, there were a few days that I wanted to give up and walk away, but I am glad I didn’t.  It was a tough mountain to climb and one of the things that I gained was a new perspective on things…life, family, business.  That new perspective required me to be very introspective and be really true to myself and the person that I want to be.

So, what does that mean?

Before I get right to the answer of that, I want to share my #onelittleword for 2018 that I chose in the spirit of my new perspective:

I won’t dive too deep into the personal aspects of it, but in short it means knowing who my friends are, building strong friendships, being present for my family and building those relationships and working/building to make my community a better place.

As far as Reverse Confetti goes, it’s probably not what you think when you think of someone “building” their business.  It’s not about getting bigger or making more product or the “more is better” attitude that many owners take on.  For me, it’s getting back to the roots of how I started this company and building strong relationships with our customer bases, building amazing products that crafters worldwide will love and reach for time and time again and building my creativity by creating and sharing my love of this industry with others. 

Needless to say, this release is really very important to me.  It stands as the first building block of the new year.  I think it’s a great release and I’ve invited many of my personal friends and amazing designers to be with me as we celebrate the release and this wonderful new year.  I surely hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Thank you all for your love and support.  There are truly no words that could ever express my gratitude.

With love,


. . . . .

The January release contains 5 new stamp sets, 6 new Confetti Cuts die sets and a new 6×6 paper pad.

Here’s a quick recap of the new products, which can be found HERE in our store.





. . . . .

I’ve created a couple projects to share with you today.  This first one uses the new CONGRATULATIONS stamp set, coordinating Confetti Cuts dies and new FOREVER MY LOVE 6×6 paper pad…

To create the embossed rounded edge, I used the EDGERS Confetti Cuts die set.  I then put patterned paper from the FOREVER MY LOVE 6×6 paper pad on the bottom half of inside of the card.

The balloons are stamped in CORAL, SEAFOAM and LAGOON inks and popped up on dimensional adhesive.  The balloon strings are stamped in STONE.

I popped up the “let’s celebrate” sentiment (in CORAL) and then bookended it with the burst image from the CONGRATULATIONS stamp set (in LAGOON)

. . . . .

Some family friends of ours recently gave us some Dallas Stars hockey tickets for next weekend.  I happened to stumble across a Stars tumbler when I was at Jamba Juice with my daughter and thought that this would be such a fun way to say “thank you” for their kindess.  Of course, I had to dress it up a little with a gift card and a tag that I created with the KINDNESS CARDS stamps and Confetti Cuts, CONGRATULATIONS stamps and Confetti Cuts (star) along with the previously released OH MY STARS and EDGE ESSENTIALS Confetti Cuts.

I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my first take at this.  It was a blessing in disguise, because it gave me an opportunity to embellish and make it a lot better than the original.  The original was just a white panel.  Since I messed up the writing on it, I cut off the bottom portion, giving me the opportunity to change up the color.  I stamped the dashed lines in GRASS ink on STONE cardstock and then adhered it to the top portion.

To cover the seam, I added a MIDNIGHT strip cut with the EDGE ESSENTIALS pinked edge and then I topped it stars cut from the OH MY STARS Confetti Cuts in STONE and MIDNIGHT.

The top portion has 3 stars from the CONGRATULATIONS stamp set stamped in MIDNIGHT and GRASS.  The center one is popped up and adorned with a big blingy rhinestone.  The “thank you” “so much for” sentiment is from the new KINDNESS CARDS stamp set.

Here’s the whole giftie…

. . . . .

Well, I’ve promised a big hop and I’ve shared what I have to share so now it is time for me to send you on your way to see all of the amazing projects from the even more amazing designers that I am so fortunate enough to call friends…

Amy Kolling

Melissa Phillips

Nichol Spohr

Tricia Barber

Debby Hughes

Yana Smakula

Lisa Henke

Amy Rohl

Laurie Schmidlin

Heather Hoffman

Amy Tsuruta

Amy Sheffer

Lydia Fiedler

Kathy Schweinfurth

Audrey Tokach

Samantha Mann

Deanne Kuntz

Wanda Cullen

Jeanne Jachna

Wanda Guess

Jessica Frost Ballas

Susan Liles

Jennifer McGuire

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34 thoughts on “Release Day Celebration

  1. Your projects are FABulous. I love your card, it’s perfect. The giftie is sooo FUN…love the pops of Grass green!

    Jen, you are an incredible person. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the RC family and to call you a friend. You have been through so much, 2018 is going to be fantastic.

  2. Amazing release and an amazing post! It gave me a huge smile and warm and fuzzy today.

  3. Wow, what a journey you have been on, I had no idea as this is my first time here! The past year has been a whopper one for my family as well, my Mom with Stage 4 breast cancer, my grandson in a devastating ATV accident, my son-inlaw losing his job at the same time, my oldest son in a horrific car accident on Mothers Day and on…..but like you we move on and take one day at a time….your post was wonderfully amazing!!

    Really cute and fun release, I already have my eye on a few things….I hope 2018 brings you everything you have ever dreamed about!!

  4. thanks for sharing your heart, you are and have been very inspiring! here is to the building of 2018!

  5. I got a bit misty eyed this morning reading this. What a year to put behind you, and what an awesome way to start off the new year! Have fun at the game!

  6. Love your gift tag….and I hope that 2018 brings you wonderful things!

  7. May your new year be blessed with peace. Thank you for sharing your story and your heart. This is a beautiful release as well. Create on and stay strong. Surround yourself with those amazing people who love you and stand by you through it all.

  8. Love you more than bacon, my friend!!! xxoo

  9. What a release! I’ve always loved your products but your backstory from 2017 gives added meaning this year. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and best wishes for a HEALTHY, happy New Year.

  10. Fabulosity in every single one of your amazing projects, Jen!!! I wanna come stamp with you this year!
    And … I could kiss you for your inspiration over the entirety of 2017! Our life hurdles have been entirely different over 2017, yet YOU have enabled my own walk more than you can know, and I shall forever look at you with awed eyes and a huge smile in my heart. Have I told you lately that you are one amazing lady?! (((hugggsss)))

  11. A great release, I think it is just what I needed to help me switch gears. So many fabulous projects from you and along the Hop. I love all things RC but of all the heart dies that I have in my collection from all manufacturers, I have to tell you that the hearts from Love Notes are my absolute favourite. The size and the shapes are perfect. So glad that you are putting 2017 behind you, I can’t even imagine. Here’s to a fabulous 2018. ❤️

  12. Thanks for sharing your personal story Jen, thanks for sharing your strength, your courage, and most of all, your one little word! Wishing you all the best this point forward!

  13. Great release and Congratulations! Hope 2018 proves to be your best year yet!

  14. Congratulations on this release …it is amazing in every detail, and from what I have read, so are you.

  15. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt personal journey. I wish you the most amazing 2018 ever! Great release! Looking forward to seeing what this awesome group of designers have in store.

  16. Fun hop! Love your balloon card.

  17. I really love the Kindness Cards set. May I ask..if I want to make this a little ‘card’ what size would that card be? You can contact me at Thanks much!

  18. Jen, thanks for your message and I want to tell you that I understand, as I experienced a similar year in 1999 when after my BC surgeries, chemo, and radiation my father passed suddenly. I looked back at my year, challenging as it was and saw the blessings of extra time spent with him, family and friends that would not have happened otherwise. It does give you a new perspective. Celebrating a new year and your new release! Congratulations!

  19. You are an amazing person to have gone through so much this year with your health and your fathers passing. You’ve inspired me this year as I too was diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and I followed your journey with it as well.

    Perspective in all,things has changed for me too. A lot of things are now “small stuff” to not worry so much; my focus is now on slowing down to enjoy life with an emphasis on family and friends.

    I wish you many blessings in this new year for you and your family.

  20. This IS a fabulous release. You are so strong and such an inspiration. I wish you an AMAZING 2018 and beyond!

  21. Continued good health and success in the new year, condolences on the passing of your father. This new release is amazing!

  22. I’m so happy for you, for your great release, for putting 2017 and cancer in your rear view mirror and your new perspective on life. My favorite take away from this wonderful release is the great quote from one of the stamp sets I’m going to purchase is “the best thing to hold onto in life is each other”. Thanks Jen for hanging in there during the toughest year (I’m so sorry about your Dad passing) and continuing to find that beast mode. May it continue to carry you into 2018 and beyond!

  23. Love this release and the meaning behind it. So much variety and I love your projects. So fun!

  24. Wonderful release and to read about what you have gone through touch my heart. As a breast cancer survivor, I understand. Thanks for sharing…

  25. You have had one HECK of a year. I hope that 2018 is easier….
    I really like the little cheetah. He’s my favorite of this group 🙂

  26. Wonderful release. Thanks for sharing your past year. As a breast cancer survivor, I understand some of what you went through.

  27. Loved your post and inspiration Jen! The sentiments in this release are awesome!

  28. Awesome release! Love your projects:-)

  29. I know it’s been a tough year for you, Jen, but always keep a little faith. Your designs are still as amazing and as beautiful as ever, and I will always be inspired by Reverse Confetti, one of my very favorite companies! Take care, and have a better and brighter 2018!

  30. I love this release, especially the sentiments in Something Wonderful. Congratulations on becoming a survivor. I can’t begin to imagine what the last year was like for you but I wish you all the best in 2018. Onward and upward!

  31. Your projects are so much fun! I’m loving the color combinations in the new paper pad! Makes me think forward to Spring!

  32. Awesome projects…super fun!! Love the new release!! So much to offer between fun and pretty images and meaningful sentiments! You had a very difficult 2017. I hope and pray that 2018 is full of blessings and happiness for you! Hugs!!

  33. Sorry to hear the difficult year you had. .. I lost my father with cancer but over 10 years ago.. he died younger than we all expected cuz of it. .. Anyways, I love the new release, and I love the tag you made! 🙂 I’m a hockey fanatic. I know about Dallas stars! Not my team, but I love Jamie Benn & Tyler Sequin! Hope you’ll have a wonderful time at the game! Wishing you the better year, 2018!

  34. Such poignant and beautiful words – and I love that you will ‘build’ onward in 2018! I keep telling myself over and over it’s going to be a great year! I’m excited for you, Jen, on this journey forward and your constant striving and thriving in positivity! I can learn MUCH from you – you are so inspiring. Many hugs and prayers and blessings abudant!

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