Howdy, Friends!

Today is the second post for the new segment, CONFETTI CAMERA.

In this weekly segment, one of the Confetti Crew designers will have the camera on both themselves, as a designer, and on their Reverse Confetti creations.  You’ll get a dose of Reverse Confetti inspiration, as well as get to know each designer a little better through some interview questions that we have prepared.  A couple of things to note:

1) This segment will not “air” if there is a different post scheduled for that day, such on Sketch for You to Try on the 1st of each month or on a hop day.

2) Each designer will answer the same set of questions until we have featured every Confetti Crew Design Team Member.

. . . . .

This week the Confetti Camera is zooming in on {my bestie and the Design Team Coordinator for Reverse Confetti} SUSAN LILES!


Her Confetti Camera project…


This card is ROCKIN’ all four sets from our latest release!

Arrows ‘n Elements

Celebrate Cake

Inner Rock Star

Whole Lotta Dots

A couple of detail shots…

DSC01896 DSC01897

Post Production Interview

What do you like best about this project?

I really love the tilted border on the orange base piece.  (from the Whole Lotta Dots set)

What was your process on making this project? Did you have a starting point (color, inspiration, sketch)?

I did have somewhat of a starting point for this card.  I had a graphic look in mind using the guitars from the Inner Rock Star set, that I knew I had seen somewhere (a record album cover, concert poster, perhaps?).  So I went to my old standby, Pinterest and looked up “guitar posters”.  There I saw three guitars together like this and ended up with something totally different than what my mind originally conjured up!  Instant MOJO!

What inspiration can others take from this project?

I really like the popped up guitar in the middle with the sentiment stamped directly on top.  It matches up with the same sentiment that I stamped on the orange guitars.  Kind of a 3D look!  Maybe there’s name for this technique?  Also, The small black stars are actually the black mat showing through where I punched the stars off the edge of the white panel.  Cool, no?

. . .

What does your studio/creative space look like?


I take up about a third of our tiny-to-begin-with master bedroom.  I’ve had it configured with these two very old  desks against the one wall for several years now and I think it’s what works best for me, given the space I have to work with.  Everything is at my fingertips, stored in drawers or on the wall.  I do need another chair for my sewing desk.  I drag the one back and forth.  I also have a large wooden armoire in the garage for the extra necessities that I replenish my consumables from.

Do you have to clean your desk before starting a new project?

Yes, I have to start fresh with each project.  I don’t have that much space to begin with and I’m not much of an organizer/re-organizer like some of ya’ll crafty peeps out there.  So it helps that everything has it’s own little niche and I know where everything is and can put it all up pretty quickly before starting a new project.

Here’s a look at my mess right after I finished making this card.  Don’t ask me why I have a ketchup packet on my side TV tray table. (which I confiscated from my oldest daughter and just started using–love it!)  You don’t want to know why I was eating lunch in my bedroom the other day.  It’s not too bad of a mess, right?



What is your must-have tool? Why do you like it so much?

I MUST HAVE my trusty little 6″ ruler and most of my crafty friends know this about me!  I know it sounds crazy, but I love that thing and will probably use it until the numbers wear off!  I don’t know why I like it so much, maybe because I need to use it all the time?  Now I’ve used it so much that it’s really smooth feeling.  Ahhhh, crafty comfort!

Do you always make A2 sized cards? If you deviate from the standard size, what favorite size to make?

Yes, I’m pretty boring that way.  All of them seem to be A2 for the most part (4.25 x 5.5″), unless I get really brave and go for a square card or a tag!  I guess I need to break out of that box, huh?!

What is your favorite RC project so far? Why?

I know Jen said last week that this would be an easy question for everyone on the design team except her, since the company is her “baby” and she’s got a ‘personal connection’ with each stamp set and project she comes up with.  I don’t think it’s an easy question for me, either!  I’ve been completely blessed to be by Jen’s side since the conception of the company and feel the same way she does!  Too bad for ya’ll that we didn’t get video of the happy dances we did when the first shipment of the stamps arrived!  Wait, you may have heard us squeal for joy even all the way to where ya’ll are!  Yep, that was us.  Ok, so I better pick a favorite…I guess it has to be my Whale Hugs and Fishy Kisses card.  I love the bright colors and sweet sentiment that makes me happy to be right where I am with Reverse Confetti!


. . . . .