We are pleased to welcome two new 'Fetti Friends for the months of September and October. 


My name is Samantha VanArnhem and I'm so excited to be joining you as a 'fetti friend for this release!  I've been scrapbooking and cardmaking for nearly 20 years and during that time my style has always remained clean and simple.  I blame my CPA brain - it requires everything to be even and straight.  Seriously, crooked isn't really an option.  I live near Cleveland, Ohio with my husband and two teenage daughters, one large, sock-eating yellow lab and a cat that believes she is in charge of all of us.  If I'm not crafting ("crafting" includes watching YouTube videos of people crafting, right?), I'm reading, walking the dog or running (mostly when my best friend makes me go with her because that level of torture is what you do for a best friend).  You can find me on Instagram @samvandesigns.  Looking forward to spending some time with all of you so let's get crafty!


. . . . .



Hi! I'm Francesca (pretty much Franci all the time) and I'm from Milan, Italy!

I’m a cardmaker, passionate about making cute things with stamps and colors. I love collecting all my projects over at my blog and sharing all my crafty adventures on Instagram..be sure to take a look and follow along! 

I'm so happy and honored to be a 'Fetti Friend for a couple of months and I can't wait to spread joy and play with the new Reverse Confetti products!
See you soon with lots of cute projects :)