Happy Thursday, ‘Fetti Fans!

I can imagine that you are all busy lil’ bees this time of year.  We’re wrapping up school with the kiddos, prepping for summer and looking forward to a few things here at REVERSE CONFETTI.  One of those things is SKETCH FOR YOU TO TRY.  If you were a follower of my personal blog, iheart2stamp.com (update on that below), you are familiar with SKETCH FOR YOU TO TRY or SFYTT.

Well, sadly iheart2stamp.com is currently in blogosphere heaven.  I’m not a technical person, but I have been told that it was not updated properly (oops!) and no longer supported the version of php that I was using.  Translation: it went kaput.  I had, for the most part, stopped blogging there; however, we (<–meaning hubby) is trying to restore the older posts so that they can be accessed.  SFYTT was a big part of my blogging adventures there and I look forward to continuing with those fun sketches here on the Reverse Confetti blog.

You may have noticed the badge on the sidebar, but if not I am here to tell you today that SFYTT will be back on JUNE 1st!


Some details about the Reverse Confetti version of SFYTT:

There will be a new sketch each month.  The first one will be posted on June 1st.

The sketch link list will be open from the 1st until noon CST on the 14th. The sketch will be posted in the sidebar and you will be able to click on it to get to that month’s SFYTT post with the link list.

Reverse Confetti stamps must take center stage in your creation to be eligible to be the SFYTT winner.

We will be adding this requirement after the first of the year.  For now, anything goes!

You may enter as many times as you wish.

There will be a winner each month and that person will receive ALL OF THE STAMP SETS for the next release and be invited to share their creations during our sneak peeks and hop!  The winner of SFYTT will be posted on the Reverse Confetti blog on the 15th of each month.

Be ready to play along June 1st!

. . . . .