Hey there, ‘Fetti Fans!

Well, normally on Wednesdays I post WEDNESDAY IN THE WORKS and Thursdays I post the CONFETTI CAMERA post.  Apparently, I am a *little* mixed up on my days and posted the CONFETTI CAMERA post yesterday.  So, if you are here to check out the CONFETTI CAMERA post, just scroll down.  If you want to empathize with me (or laugh at me) on not knowing what day it, just leave a comment here!

Just one of the reasons I don’t know what day it is…


I know it seems far away, but it will be here before you know it!  We’re busy lil’ bees getting everything ready for you to fall in love with (yep, it’s our Valentine’s release).

I’ll be back tomorrow with the WEEK IN REVERSE post.

If it seems like Reverse Confetti posts are few and far between next week, it’s because I’ve ask my designers to take next week off to celebrate the Christmas holiday with their loved ones and I will be doing the same.  Happy Holidays!

. . . . .