Happy New Year's Eve!  There's certainly a lot to reflect on as this year (finally) ends.  All I can say about 2020 is "OMG.  Wow. Just Wow"!  It was one for the history books without a doubt.


On the flip side, this year's Reverse Confetti releases also have me saying "OMG.  Wow. Just Wow" because they have been fabulous, amazing and wonderful!!  My card today depicts just a very few of my fave critters released this year from these sets (left to right): Corgi Cuties, Party Pals, Yuletide Mice and Crafty Critters.  What have your favorite sets been?

Since this is the last post for the year, I thought I'd also share with you some of my favorite cards I made this year!


Wishing you and yours a blessed, hope-filled and loving New Year!