By Jen del Muro
on July 19, 2016

Hey, hey ‘Fetti Fans!

Lots has been happening behind the scenes here.   I’m prepping for…

  1. The August release…LOTS of crafty happiness coming your way on August 8th (Countdown to Confetti starts on August 5th, as always).
  2. THE MOVE.  As you know we taking RC out of our home and into a new warehouse space.  Pics below.
  3. The Pinners Conference in September
  4. The Card Making Retreat at Whitworth Ranch Retreat in October

I figured I should probably share pics of how the new warehouse and classroom are coming along, so I went over there to take a couple of pics.  I can’t say that it’s real exciting, but it’s coming along.  I can’t wait to get in there and dress it up a little!

We are close to a complete bathroom now.  I told you that it wasn’t anything real exciting, but that’s what there was to take a pic of…


Drop ceiling is now installed in the classroom area.  I’m waiting on carpet installation and then we will be painting the walls and getting it ready to host classes, workshops, etc.


One of the things that I bought to dress up the walls are these cute “frames” from Michaels.  I plan to hang RC card fronts from these.


Well, that’s all I have for now.  As things come along a little more, I’ll be posting here or over on Instagram or Facebook.

. . . . .



By Jen del Muro
on December 10, 2015

Hello, ‘Fetti Fans!

As promised in my last Periscope, I am sharing my studio makeover here on the Reverse Confetti blog.

Before I dive into all the pics, I want to share with you a little background about my studio.  As I am sure some of you can relate to, getting to have a whole room for crafting purposes did not happen overnight.  This was a long time coming and the evolution went something like this…

2002- My first creative area was in our tiny condo in San Diego where I had a plastic 3 drawer storage bin that I put a “tabletop” on (piece of wood from Home Depot).  It all tucked away in a closet when not in use.  Ahhh…the good ol’ days!

2004- When we moved to Texas, I took over a few shelves in our game room closet and used a folding card table to craft.  This was before kids so all my stuff was ok to be left out (and there was room for my stuff in the game room closet).

2006- We moved into a house that had a built in desk in the kitchen area with shelving above.  That worked great as long as the sun was shining as the lighting was terrible over the desk and there was barely enough room for me to work, so adding lamps wasn’t really an option.  Plus, with a newborn baby I was put-a-fork-in-me done by 7pm each evening!

2007- After I couldn’t take it any more in that spot I moved into what would become a nursery again in a few years, moving me to another room in the house.  By this time, I had taken over some of the furniture that we had in our condo living area and I had an L-shaped desk that my hubs once used as a home office.

Fast forward through different ways of trying to make it L-shaped desk work, random IKEA purchases and such all while having the dream studio planned out in my head.

2015 (yes, that was a lot of years to skip through with one sentence)- another different house (we have moved a lot) and I am sitting in my little studio room, getting up to get paper, getting up to embellishments, getting up…getting FED UP!  Time for a change!  I went through my sketches and Pinterest boards and drew up plans for my studio.  Not my pulled together from random pieces of furniture studio, MY STUDIO.

I wrote everything down and then put together my list on IKEA’s website.  This feature is awesome because when you print it out, it tells you exactly where a lot of the stuff is (the big stuff at least).   It was helpful to have this…and the IKEA guy that did all the heavy lifting for me.  It was also helpful to keep to see how much everything was adding up to.

All of the furniture is from IKEA.  There are bits and pieces from other places, too.  I’ve tried to explain it all with the pics below.

First things first.  The room needed to be painted.  It went from a creamy white to Sherwin Williams’ Skyline Steel at 50%.  If you did not know, you can lighten up a a color!  I asked for samples at 75% and 50% because, while I love the original color, it was too dark for my space.  I love this one so much that my living room is already done in this color and I will be carrying it throughout my home…after I recover from this one room’s makeover!

Welcome to STUDIO RC…


Both the wooden banner letters and the metal RC are from Hobby Lobby.  The RC letters are spray painted.

Close up of the wooden letters (LOVE THESE!)…


My desk/work space is directly below the “STUDIO RC.”

Please ignore the ginormous scrap paper bucket that desperately needs to be organized!


Like most crafter’s I like for a lot of things to be within arm’s reach.  This set up solves the issues that I was experiencing before.

I am fortunate to get a lot of natural light in this room during the day.  However, for when I am up late creating (or after 5 in the winter) I purchased THIS Hampton Bay lamp from Home Depot.  It gives off a great amount of light and I think it’s pretty stylish, too!

I love the ALEX drawers under the LINMON table top.  I have my acrylic blocks in the top drawer and various embellishments and such in the other drawers.

The RAIL (IKEA Fintorp) and BUCKETS (Fintorp) come in handy and store my heat tool, glue gun, various tools and lots of other stuff.

To the right is a large KALLAX unit that I just adore (thanks hubs for building it)!


The 12×12 paper storage, Copic Marker storage and ink pad storage are all from STAMP-N-STORAGE.  These pieces are made specifically to go into IKEA Kallax (and Expedit, I think) units!!  Yes, they are a little bit of a splurge, but I think that it was worth it here!


The 8.5 x 11 cardstock storage is the TJENA magazine storage from IKEA.  Yes, they have a 5 pack of magazine storage that is less expensive, but these are much heavier duty.   And, just for the record, I purged a lot of paper before getting what is shown in its place.

My stamps,dies, twine and 6×6 paper pades are in FRIDGE BINS from Amazon. (I believe these are the ones that Jennifer McGuire has linked from her site).  I purchased several and they hold a variety of things around the room.


The door you see is to a closet that will not be opened for public viewing.  I can’t even stand in there right now.  For now, I’m pretending it doesn’t exist, but one day I am going to have to face the music…of stuff falling to floor as I open the door.

Moving on…

The RUG in this room was actually purchased for another room, but TOTALLY did not work in that room.  Good thing it fits in perfectly here!

Opposite my work station is a window that lets in a tremendous amount of light.  I used to have my desk right under it, but it looks right out onto my neighbors roof and that was a little uninspiring, plus I really love this set up.


Under the window is a HEMNES dresser flanked by 2 more KALLAX units.  I added several KALLAX drawers to the 3 pieces that I have in here.  They house embellishments, adhesive and a bunch of other random things.  I think that one drawer might even be empty (gasp!).

You will notice that the pulls on the drawers are not the dinky itty bitty ones that it came with.  I upgraded them to ones that I found at Home Depot and I like them MUCH BETTER, plus they (semi) match the ones on the dresser.

My ribbon is stored in fridge bins that I got at Target a long time ago.  I can’t seem to find the product online, but will update this post if I do end up coming across it.


On the bottom row of the Kallax unit I have TJENA boxes that I have cover the front of with DECORATIVE ADHESIVE PAPER (I bought 2 rolls for all of the boxes).  These boxes house a variety of alterables, sewing materials, etc.


I built the shelf that is above the white PLUGGIS bins using L-brackets and thin wood that I had cut at Home Depot.

I haven’t quite got around to putting everything up on the walls.  The corkboard that I covered with fabric from Hobby Lobby is still resting against the wall on the floor and I have 4 frames from IKEA that are on top of the Kallax unit that I need to fill and hang.

One final pic of what I have going on above the large Kallax unit (projects and randomness happening here)…


Well folks, there you have it…MY STUDIO.  I love being in here and creating.  I have such a renewed sense of creativity, too!  Funny what freshening up the place will do!  *wink*  Yes, there’s still a little bit to do (fan, ceiling, hang stuff, etc.), but I am HAPPY with how it is now. YAY!

I plan to enjoy every moment right here and I can’t wait to share what I create with you.


. . . . .


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