Hello and Happy Wednesday ‘Fetti Fans!

Today, I have a very special WEDNESDAY IN THE WORKS post for you!  Instead of showing you a project or 2, I am taking you on a tour of my creative space and office.  I’ve promised these pics for awhile now, and I finally have the space all set up…YAY!

So, here we go…

I got this sign from a friend and I jokingly wrote “The Boss” on it.  No one has changed it, so I guess they are in agreement…


Looking in from that door, this is what you see…


The upper left of this pic shows the Confetti Cuts die storage and shipping area.

The upper right corner is my creative space where I create.  You can see all my papers and ribbons on the shelves.  Don’t pay too much attention to the bin of scraps there on the floor!

The other desk, on the lower right of the above pic is my office/work space.  Here’s a pic of the 2 desks taken from the other side of the room.


Above my work desk is a shelf with flowers in the Reverse Confetti Colors, a stuffed flamingo and metal RC letters.



Here’s another shot of the Confetti Cuts die and shipping areas.  This shot also shows some of our stamps on the pegboards in the room.  The door you see is to a closet housing A LOT of stuff!  No pics of that area, as it is a bit crazy in there!

The table in the center expands so that I can host crafty friends or use it for additional shipping or creative space when needed.


That’s all folks!  I hope you have enjoyed this tour and I look forward to sharing my most recent creations made in here very soon!  Don’t forget, sneak peeks start Friday!


. . . . .