Hello and Happy Hump Day!

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Our 6th month “birthday” is quickly approaching and we are definitely kicking it up a notch.  As mentioned in Monday’s post, we will no longer be doing the weekly link list/’Fetti Finds (you can still link up this week!), but rather a color challenge that will start in November.  I’ve also eluded to a few more things happening here at Reverse Confetti.  Some of them are over the top spectacular (ok, I may be a little biased) and some aren’t so great.  Case in point…Confetti Crew member, Dawn Easton, recently accepted a promotion at her job (Congrats, Dawn!) and moved, as well.  I’m over the moon happy for her and her family as she pursues great opportunities. Unfortunately (for us), she has decided to take a break from the Confetti Crew while the dust settles.   Please join me in wishing Dawn all the best as new adventures are beginning for her.  Of course, we hope to see her back with the Crew, too!

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It’s Wednesday and time for WEDNESDAY IN THE WORKS.

What is WEDNESDAY IN THE WORKS? It’s not really about one thing in particular, but rather “the works” of a stamped card or project.  Today we’re focusing on FINDING YOUR MOJO/INSPIRATION, but a variety of topics will be covered in this segment… from color combos to shaped cards to inspiration pieces to mixing and matching stamps and/or papers…and everything in between.

What do I mean by “finding your mojo?”  No matter how good of a crafter/creator/stamper/artist you are, there comes a lull in inspiration from time to time.  There’s no way to tell when it’s going to hit.  One day you can be creating the best projects  you have ever made and the next you stare at your desk like it’s a foreign land and you have no idea what to do.  So, how do can you find that inspiration that is needed to kick start another project?  Sorry to say that there isn’t just one answer to this.  Everyone feeds their creativity differently.  (I’ll have more tips below on that).

For me, (first) I peruse the internet looking at different color palettes and scrapbook layouts.  Yes, scrapbook layouts. I often find a trigger on a layout that will get me going.  It may be a particular shape, sentiment or even the layout itself that helps me along.  Other times, I look around at the various challenges that are happening in the blogosphere.  Lots of times I will find a color palette, sketch or inspiration piece that will get me going. That’s what happened for me on this card using FOREVER FALL and SPOOKY CUTIES


This card uses the current inspiration piece from the Curtain Call challenge…

october 15_gorgeous gourds

I have to be honest, blue pumpkins were *not* coming to mind as I stared at these stamp sets.  However, a quick peek at this inspiration piece and I knew what I wanted to do…a clean and simple card that put the blue pumpkins front and center.  Here’s a detail shot of those stamped pumpkins…


As I mentioned before, there is no one answer to finding your mojo, but hopefully these tips will help you the next next you find yourself at a creative lull…

1.  Step away from the project/your desk and go to a place that you find relaxing/comforting.  This may be the chair in the living room or a chair in the local coffee shop.  Either way, just remove yourself from the project at hand momentarily.

2. Sleep on it.  This kinda goes with #1.  I can’t tell you how many times that I try to start or finish a project late at night and it’s just not coming together the way I want it to.  I clean up my area like I would on any other evening, leaving my project on my desk,  and sleep on it.  In the morning when I have fresh eyes, it seems to much easier to get the creativity flowing.

3. Grab a magazine or hop on Pinterest. Chances are that you will find a trigger in one of these places.  Look at each project’s colors, textures and layouts.  Make notes as you go along and bring those back to your workspace with you to help things along.

4. CASE (copy) yourself!  Find one of your favorite projects and see if you can’t recreate it in part or whole using the supplies you have on your desk/at hand.

5. Start over.  Now, I know that no one wants to chuck potentially hours worth of work into the round file, but sometimes starting over is just the thing that is needed.  You’ll notice that I put this one at the end of this list of tips, and for good reason…it’s a last resort (for me, at least).

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ForeverFallProductGraphicBlogGraphic copy   SpookyCutiesProductGraphicBlogGraphic



Stamps: Forever Fall, Spooky Cuties

Ink: Olive, Aqua and Navy Dye Inks

Cardstock: White, Green

Other: Dimensional Adhesive, Linen Thread

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