Hello from freezing cold Texas.   And, by freezing I mean 50-something degrees.  Yes, I admit it…I am a cold weather wuss!  Don’t get me wrong, I love sweater weather and a good cup of hot cocoa (or salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks), but I’m still in flip flop mode and am not quite ready for this!  I can’t imagine that designing our SPRING (!) stamps right now has anything to do with that.  What do you think?

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It’s Wednesday and time for WEDNESDAY IN THE WORKS.

What is WEDNESDAY IN THE WORKS? It’s not really about one thing in particular, but rather “the works” of a stamped card or project.  Today we’re focusing on SUBWAY ART STYLE, but a variety of topics will be covered in this segment… from color combos to shaped cards to inspiration pieces to mixing and matching stamps and/or papers…and everything in between.

subwayartpillow    WoodenInvite

Subway art has been very popular in home decor for the past couple of years and it has crossed over to graphic design (ads, printed invitations, etc.) and, of course, paper crafting.  I love this trend, and when I sat down to design our first subway art style stamp set (SPOOKY SENTIMENTS), I knew that it needed to be versatile.  Not only in the fact that you can use the different sentiments easily on a variety of projects, but also that there is versatility in all the different possible combinations.  In addition, I created the coordinating image set, SPOOKY CUTIES, so that it would “stack” nicely with the sentiments.

Here’s a card I made using a combination of sentiments from SPOOKY SENTIMENTS, along with pumpkins from SPOOKY CUTIES and FOREVER FALL.


Here’s a few tips to create a subway art panel using the SPOOKY SENTIMENTS set:

1. Choose a color palette that coordinates with the sentiments.  I chose a very basic color palette: black ink on white paper, but you could use a variety of colors like the pillow above.

TIP: To create variety and visual interest, add a strip(s) of paper in a different color(s).  I did this with the purple flag-ended “got candy” strip

2. Vary long and tall sentiments.  These sets are designed so that 2 tall sentiments will fit across the span of one long sentiment.

3. Add images in place of sentiments to break up all the lettering.  Here I used the pumpkins in place of a tall sentiment.  Note that both the shape and color break up the space, but still coordinate with the overall theme of the subway art panel.

4. Use lines or other elements to divide words.  In the SPOOKY SENTIMENTS set, there is a line of diagonal lines (used on this card), but you can also use dots (I LIKE YOU has a strip that would be perfect for subway art) or symbols (lots in the LIGHTHEARTED LETTERS set).

In the end, there is no true right way to do subway style.  Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to mix it up a little!

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