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I’m so happy to be back blogging daily (during the week).  For those of you that were familiar with my “old” blog (, you know that I posted quite a bit and I have to be honest and say that I kinda missed that.  Right now, we are working on getting it moved over to a new server (and looking correct).  This process had been way slower than anyone anticipated.  While I won’t be adding any future content to that blog, I have had requests for people to be able to access past content for inspiration, etc.

Today is the second installment of the new segment, WEDNESDAY IN THE WORKS.

What is WEDNESDAY IN THE WORKS? It’s not really about one thing in particular, but rather “the works” of a stamped card or project.  Today we’re focusing on GETTING PUBLISHED, but a variety of topics will be covered in this segment… from color combos to shaped cards to inspiration pieces to mixing and matching stamps and/or papers…and everything in between.

Today, we are focusing on one of those “everything in between” topics and discussing GETTING PUBLISHED…and what it means for you when you get published using Reverse Confetti stamps!

I’ve had many people ask me, “How do you get published?”  There is no one “how” when it comes to getting published, but I have put together 5 quick tips that I hope that you will find helpful and get you started.


You can’t get your work into magazines unless you try to get your work in magazines.  Don’t be afraid of not getting your work accepted, because that will happen. Yep, there I said it.  You will get rejected. EVERYONE who tries gets rejected at some point or another, even the most talented and “famous” of them all.  Seriously, ask them.  I have yet to meet ANYONE that gets all their stuff accepted.  It’s part of it.  I think it’s a good part, too.  For one, it’s a bit humbling.  Also, it can give you a chance to reflect on what you could have done differently (notice I did not say “better”).  On the flip side, WHEN your projects do get picked up, it is so uplifting and you want to do happy dance.


When I say “be yourself” I mean that you should focus on your own talents.  When you do this, you will be happier while creating and most likely produce something that you are happier with.  For example, I know I have told you that I am not a technique-y type person/stamper.  When the technique calls come through, I generally skim over them to see if something piques my interest.  Nine out of ten times, it’s not something that I would do just for fun or that interests me and therefore I don’t create for that call.  I don’t want to make something just to make something or do something for the first time for a call.  I’m not saying don’t try something new, but it is best to create things that show off your likes and talents.


Many publication calls/editorial calendars have specific requirements…read them and follow them.  If you have a question, ASK!  You will find that editors are happy to explain or clarify what they are looking for.  In line with this, be aware of what kind of magazine you are submitting to and keep that in mind when creating/submitting.  If the magazine has a focus on stamps, be sure to use stamping and/or stamping techniques on your project(s).

Where can you find this info?

Publication calls and editorial calendars can generally be found on the magazine’s website.  If you are not able to find it, email the editor and ask them for the current call/calendar.


It’s okay to be inspired, but do not take and idea that is not your own and try to profit from it through publication.


Editors cannot feel your project or see it from every angle, so that ONE picture that you send in better be awesome and show them what that project is all about!  I can tell you from experience that my projects in late night photos without proper natural lighting RARELY get picked up.  I often take several pictures in natural light, choose a few to edit and then pick the best one to submit.  When there are 100 projects that you are up against, you want your project to stand out.  A grayish, blurry picture is NOT the way to do that!

. . . . .

I will generally hold onto my “rejects” to either be resubmitted to another call from either the same or different magazine.  Sometimes, they sit in my stash waiting to be blogged about, kinda like this one using WHOLE LOTTA DOTS and a sentiment from PEACOCK PRETTIES


Detail shot of the panel I created by layering the large dots and overlapping circles from WHOLE LOTTA DOTS


All this talk about publications.  Let’s talk about what’s in it for you!!

Did you get your Reverse Confetti project published?

We want to know about it and reward you!

Publication Incentives:

  • $20 store credit when Reverse Confetti stamps are the focal point of your card/project
  • $50 CASH BONUS + FREE SET OF CHOICE when your card/project is on the cover

Compensation is based on the following guidelines:

  • Publication must be in print format.  Online issues/publications are not eligible.
  • Proper credit to Reverse Confetti must be included in the supply list within the spread.
  • Reverse Confetti stamps must be the focal point of the card/project.

Maximum of 5 publication incentives issued per month.

Please email with the following information within 60 days of publication date:

-Your full name

-Publication name and date

-Picture or scan of published page

. . . . .


PeacockPretties_ProductGraphic3    S_WholeLottaDots_productgraphic



Stamps: Peacock Pretties, Whole Lotta Dots

White, Black, Red Cardstock

Aqua Dye Ink, Brilliance Graphite Black Pigment Ink

Black Acrylic Flatback, Flower Dies, Dimensional Adhesive

. . . . .