Hello and TGIF, ‘Fetti Fans!

I’m sitting here writing this post at nearly midnight on Thursday (going into Friday).  I usually don’t wait until the last minute like this to blog, but one house project turned into another that turned into another…and now I have to call the handyman.  I can only laugh, because if I don’t, I will cry.  The bathroom that the kiddos share has a hideous paint job.  No, seriously it’s bad.  I could probably get over the maroon color (at least for the next month or 2), but the sponge painting that looks like little baby handprints all over the wall was just too much to take.  So, I started to prime over it.  Well, the hideous paint was covering wallpaper…that was peeling.  Hmmm…what will happen if I tug on this tiny tear?  Oh, a full sheet of wallpaper will come off.  That lead to a few more tugs and sheets and now it’s just a big ol’ mess. Fortunately, the kids are at grandma’s for the week and I am hoping that this will all be fixed up in a jiffy.

. . . . .

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Let’s take a peek at what the Confetti Crew has been up to this week!


Amy Tsuruta

Tag Me, Shine From Within, Oh My Stars


Jean Manis

Petals ‘n Posies (with coordinating Confetti Cuts), Peacock Pretties, Stitched Flag Trio


Heather Pulvirenti

My World, Circle Sentiments (with coordinating Confetti Cuts), You are a Star (with coordinating Confetti Cuts), Weather or Dot {& Stripes} Quick Card Panels


Stacey Schafer

Weather or Dot {& Stripes} Quick Card Panels, Love & Ice Cream (with coordinating Confetti Cuts), Folded Tag Confetti Cuts, Circles ‘n Scallops Confetti Cuts


Lisa Henke

Office Edges Confetti Cuts, Posted Note Confetti Cuts, Posted Note Sentiments, Weather it Together (with coordinating Confetti Cuts), Stitched Flag Trio Confetti Cuts


Leigh Penner

Love & Ice Cream Confetti Cuts, Stitched Flag Trio Confetti Cuts, Let’s Chill, Sweet Thing


Kay Miller

Woodgrain Confetti Cuts, Puppy Love (and coordinating Confetti Cuts), Monkey Business (and coordinating Confetti Cuts), So Stripey, Love Note Confetti Cuts


Kathy Martin

Weather it Together (and coordinating Confetti Cuts)


. . . . .