Hello ‘Fetti Fans!

I don’t often share a lot of my personal life.  Mostly, I think you are here for the creative side of things and also because I am a private person by nature. I wanted to open up a little about me on this WEEK IN REVERSE.  I guess it’s somewhat therapeutic for me to write it all out, but also to let you all into my world and know that I am more than just stamping.

What a week it has been!  This week has been one of worst I can remember and I am hoping for a little sunshine to shine down on my little family sooner than later. Yes, we still have lots to be thankful for and I am…so very much! But, between the flu in our house (and we got our flu shots!), the plumbing going awry (and is going to be big bucks to fix) and various little things it’s been a week to forget, that’s for sure!

This week has been quite bittersweet, too.  On Friday we brought home a new puppy.  Meet Rocky…


We got him through our local rescue, ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation)  They say he’s a mastiff mix.  One thing is for sure is that he is a total sweetie.  I plan to share more pictures of this cutie as he grows into his ginormous paws.

It been hard to give our hearts to him, though.  On the heels of bringing him home, we also found out that our 11 year old dog, Cooper, has cancer.  To say that our hearts are broken beyond repair is an understatement.  He was one of our babies before we even had babies.  He sleeps between us in bed and gets nervous when we cry…he’s been extra nervous the last few days.   We know we don’t have long with him and I am going to cherish every last cuddle and loving lick I can.  If you are the praying kind, please pray for him and my kids, as we are talking to them about it tonight.  Good vibes and virtual hugs accepted, too! Thank you!!


. . . . .


Amy Rohl

The Lord’s Strength, Weather it Together Confetti Cuts


Amy Sheffer

The Lord’s Strength, Garden Bunch, Envie Wrap Confetti Cuts


Amy Tsuruta

Flower Wrap Confetti Cuts, Petals ‘n Posies Confetti Cuts, Hippity Hoppity


Pineapples Aplenty (with coordinating Confetti Cuts), Donut You Know Confetti Cuts, Puppy Love


Heather Pulvirenti

Hippity Hoppity (with coordinating Confetti Cuts), Leafy Confetti Cuts, Leaping Lions Confetti Cuts, Circles ‘n Scallops Confetti Cuts, Flower Wrap Confetti Cuts, A Friend Like You


Leigh Penner

Stamped Note Confetti Cuts, Crushin’


Susan Liles

Big Notes, Leafy Confetti Cuts, Garden Bunch Confetti Cuts, Stamped Note Confetti Cuts, Double Edge Scallop Border Confetti Cuts


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