Doin' The Wave Confetti Cuts

$10.00 $5.00

No, it’s not bacon…but it could be!  Doin’ the wave is a fun and versatile Confetti Cuts die that simultaneously cuts out 3 widths of wavy lines for you to use on a variety of projects.  Simply use it as an accent panel, create a road or waves…or make it into (paper) bacon.

Set of 1 wafer thin dies

NOTE: Many of our die sets are connected by thin wire and may need to be released from each other.  To do so, tin snips are best, but these can often easily be taken apart by a gentle hand.  Rough edges where the dies were attached may be sanded lightly (careful not to sand the cutting edge).


5.5” x 1.1”

All Reverse Confetti dies (Confetti Cuts) are high quality US made steel dies.

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